Life is a Journey, a series of events that sometimes leads to an unexpected destination.

Everyone has a different path, some stay straight and true while others may veer from it from time to time. In the end they all end up going where they are destined to be, some people just go through a rougher road than others.

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Life Lesson 3

When we are on our journey it is much like a tree, we blossom at times and we change at times. We need to shed our old selves in order to grow and become much brighter and fruitful. We can't remain stagnant, otherwise we will be stuck in the same cycle over and over again without moving forward upon our paths. The most common struggle for people is learning to juggle everything on their plates. Life has its up and downs and can sometimes be overwhelming especially for those who may have kids, are a single parent or ones who just have a lot they are dealing with. 

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Life Lesson 2

So many people are in a hurry to get where they want to go or about making money that they forget to enjoy their journey through this thing called life. We only get this one life here on earth as who we are right now. We may not have chosen to be the person we are but that is how we were made. However, it doesn't mean that we can't change who we are or be who we want to be. Just because you were born into a bad environment doesn't mean you can't be successful or happy. Just because you are born into a rich environment doesn't mean you can't be humble and kind. Everyone chooses their own destination in a sense. Yes, our overall destination is often set but that doesn't mean we can't go and spread love and joy on our journey there. We are who we make ourselves to be. We are in control of our own actions. Be kind, spread love and enjoy every minute you spend in this amazing world. 

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Life Lesson 1

Have you ever went through life thinking there has to be more to it than this? There has to be more than just working, paying bills and basically just getting by. Life is about the journey more than it is the destination. You will eventually get to where you are meant to be but the paths you choose to get there are what makes us who we are.

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